Customer Testimonials

See what my clients say about me…

Kristal Carey

“I have had a few appointments with Glenda after suffering from consistent headaches that would sometimes progress into migraines. I had a massage a few years ago that was incredibly painful but cleared up the issue. The headaches have since come back and I made an appointment with Glenda. Once reading my evaluation, she came up with a specific plan suited to me, explained how she was going to approach it and the methods she was going to use. After the first appointment (which was pain free) I was already noticing a difference. I wasn’t clenching my teeth as much and I didn’t leave with an excruciating headache. Through the process, she pointed out areas of concern and kept me informed as to what she was going to do to remedy the problem. I highly recommend Glenda and her service. She is completely transparent with her methods, and always made sure I was comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to identify any issues as she comes across them. I am very confident in her abilities to clear up any problems that I may have now and in the future.”

Shauna Q.

“Conveniently located, clean comfortable setting, skilled and knowledgeable, couldn’t do without her!”

Jerry Johnson

“I went to see Glenda because I was experiencing a lot of pain that I thought was related to sciatica. During our initial appointment, she spoke about a process that she was being certified in; Matrix Repatterning. She told me that it was a holistic approach to pain management and that even though the pain was centred in my hip, that was not necessarily the source of the pain.  I decided to explore the therapy and was happily surprised at what a difference it made for me. The work with the magnets started at the top of my head after a few sessions we had worked down to my toes. I woke up one morning during this process and was amazed to find myself almost pain-free for the first time in many years.  Good work Glenda! I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so we can get back to work.”

Leann Rouse

“I just want to say that you are wonderful both as a person and as a massage therapist, I would not have been back to work without your treatments. Very thankful that you are offering your service in Lions Head.”

Dianne Thomson

“What strikes you first about Glenda is the respect with which she treats you – she listens to you and asks good questions about your condition/pain. The next thing that strikes you is her knowledge of different techniques that could help in different ways. And finally, her use of those techniques really helps the pain.”

Lainie M.

“I have always been satisfied with thee professional massages by Glenda. She is always very polite and considerate. I really miss her close location for her RMT business and therefore sadly had to look for someone as good. Come back Glenda to this area when possible hopefully”

Darlene Myles

“Professional, individualized service. Clean, private, relaxing environment. Very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. I highly recommend Glenda for massage services!”

Rose Weber

“Hi….Rose Weber here. Let me tell you what a miracle worker Glenda is….She really knows her stuff! She rescued me from excrutiating pain just before a trip to Cuba! I was dissapointed when Glenda moved up to Lions Head but know everyone up there is in good hands with her! I am also willing to drive an hour and a bit for a treatment! Great job Glenda!!!”

Michelle McIver Gatien

“While in Lion’s Head I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Glenda. Glenda’s therapy room was private, clean and very relaxing. Glenda was friendly and professional and very proficient. I had significant pain relief from my treatment. I appreciate Glenda’s prompt follow-up on appointment requests. Overall excellent experience!”


“I met Glenda when given a gift certificate for massage for Christmas. She made me feel comfortable as as soon as I arrived for my session. Glenda’s friendly nature make it possible for her to ask questions without being intrusive and her questions help to identify the areas that need focus.
Glenda is very intuitive about where my pain is centered and throughout a massage, she is very conscientious about the my comfort level and encourages me to to let her know if I have discomfort”

R. Lawrence

“Glenda is a very caring, intuitive & dedicated massage therapist. She always checks in to make sure you feel you are getting the most out of your massage therapy. She is very experienced and makes the massage experience one you continue to come back for.
I would highly recommend seeing Glenda for massage whether it be for relaxation or injury. Her calm, friendly personality makes you feel very comfortable in her care.”

Vicky Warder

Very welcoming and professional. You can tell Glenda is experienced and passionate about her practice by the way she takes the time to ask what you would like to focus on and how after a treatment the knots and pain have melted away.

5 stars! I can’t wait to see you!

Patti Shearer

“Glenda’s professionalism and caring personality to help people are a true asset to the service she provides in the community. As a client Glendas various techniques have provided much relief in dealing with arthritis. Each visit she consults on areas of most concern before treatment and concentrates on those also providing exercise suggestions to help between visits. I have personally benefitted from the service she provides and am happy with the care and results I have experienced.”

Jackie L.

“I always look forward to my massage treatments with Glenda. She really listens to my concerns and with total focus always leaves me feeling better. She provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a peaceful experience.”

Mary E. Morgan

“I have be going to Glenda Barber, RMT, since April of 2018. I have found her to be very conscientious of and committed to helping her clients understand their problem and what she can do to help ease the pain.  She is always cheerful and provides a very relaxing atmosphere that puts her clients at ease. She continues to work with any limitations/restrictions and advice from my doctors. Glenda has helped me immensely coping with severe osteoarthritis in most joints in my body. She has more than surpassed my expectations of a massage therapist. I would highly recommend Glenda to anyone.”

Mary Ellen MacDonald

“Massage has been a regular and imperative member of my self care ‘family’ for most of my adult life. Having recently retired and made a significant geographical move, finding a skilled and caring massage therapist was high on my list. Glenda at Barber Massage Therapy has been an answer to prayer! Her prompt attention to my primary massage needs, description of modality choices and use, and deep tissue treatment produce a five star result, consistently! Glenda’s disarming smile and pleasant manner add sweetness to an already wonderful experience.”

Yvonne Giefert

“I’ve seen many excellent massage therapists over the years, but the one I return to the most is Glenda Barber. She is very knowledgeable and skilled and attends to my needs perfectly. She knows the right amount of pressure and always asks if I need more or less. I highly recommend her as I’m sure you will feel just as relaxed and energized as I do. Sincerely Yvonne Giefert”